australian internet access

sublime//ip provides premium access to the Internet in Australia and carries on the business of Australia's first commercial ISP, DIALix, founded in Western Australia in 1989; and the JustNet premium business-grade ISP founded in Sydney in 1995.

sublime//ip Premium Broadband

sublime//ip offers a premium broadband Internet access service around Australia. This service is a great complement to our web hosting and domain name services but is also available as a stand-alone product.

Unlike many other broadband providers who offer speeds as low as 256 kbps and market these as some kind of minor miracle, our plans are all true broadband with a minimum connection speed of 1500 kbps (1.5 Mbps). This allows you to appreciate the true speed of a real broadband connection.

From a growing number of areas around Australia, we also now offer amazingly fast ADSL2 broadband services at speeds of up to 24,000 kbps (24 Mbps). Now that's broadband!

Australia-wide Dial-up Internet

In addition to broadband, we offer a stable and very long running national dialup Internet service. Our dialup product has been operating continuously since 1989 and was the first commercial ISP service in Australia.

While we love broadband and especially the new ADSL2 speeds, dialup is still a useful product in certain circumstances such as:

  • if you live too far from the nearest phone exchange to get access to ADSL
  • if you travel regularly and need access from different locations or all around Australia, e.g. from hotel rooms, and want the convenience of a single provider and single national local call dialup number
  • if your use of the Internet is very light and you can't justify the costs of moving to broadband