windows dedicated servers

sublime//ip provides expertly managed Windows Server 2003 servers on advanced, brand new hardware built to your specifications. We can then colocate your server and manage its ongoing operations, Internet connectivity, power and so on. We offer a choice of a massive number of data centre locations worldwide, allowing you to place your server as near as possible to your end-users for the best performance.

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 includes all the functionality customers need today from a Windows Server operating system to do more with less, such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability. In addition, Microsoft has improved and extended the Windows server operating systems to incorporate the benefits of Microsoft .NET for connecting information, people, systems, and devices.

Windows Server 2003 is a multipurpose operating system capable of handling a diverse set of server roles, depending on your needs, in either a centralized or distributed fashion. Some of these server roles include:

  • File and print server
  • Web server and Web application services
  • Mail server
  • Terminal server
  • Remote access and virtual private network (VPN) server
  • Directory services, Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)
  • Streaming media server

Windows Server 2003 is the fastest, most reliable, most secure Windows server operating system ever offered by Microsoft and provides the tools that simplify deployment, management, and administration and maximize productivity.