windows dedicated servers


Windows Server 2003 contains new features and improvements to make sure your organization and users stay connected:

  • XML Web Services. IIS 6.0 is an important component of Windows Server 2003. Administrators and Web application developers demand a fast, reliable Web platform that is both scalable and secure. Significant architectural improvements in IIS include a new process model that greatly improves reliability, scalability, and performance. IIS is installed by default in a locked-down state. Security is increased because the system administrator enables or disables system features based on application requirements. In addition, direct editing support of the XML metabase improves management.
  • Networking and communications. Networking and communications has never been more critical for organizations faced with the challenge of competing in the global marketplace. Employees need to connect to the network wherever they are and from any device. Partners, vendors, and others outside the network need to interact efficiently with key resources, and security is more important than ever. Networking improvements and new features in the Windows Server 2003 operating systems extend the versatility, manageability, and dependability of network infrastructures.
  • Enterprise UDDI services. Windows Server 2003 includes Enterprise UDDI services, a dynamic and flexible infrastructure for XML Web Services. This standards-based solution enables companies to run their own internal UDDI service for intranet or extranet use. Developers can easily and quickly find and reuse the Web services available within the organization. IT administrators can catalog and manage the programmable resources in their network. With Enterprise UDDI services, companies can build and deploy smarter, more reliable applications.
  • Windows Media Services. Windows Server 2003 includes the industry's most powerful digital streaming media services. These services are part of the next version of the Microsoft Windows Media technologies platform that also includes a new Windows Media Player, Windows Media Encoder, audio/video codecs, and Windows Media Software Development Kit.