windows dedicated servers


Businesses have extended the traditional local area network (LAN) by combining intranets, extranets, and Internet sites. As a result, increased system security is now more critical than ever before. As part of the Microsoft commitment to reliable, secure, and dependable computing, the company has intensely reviewed the Windows Server 2003 operating systems to identify possible fail points and exploitable weaknesses. Windows Server 2003 provides many important new security features and improvements including:

  • The common language runtime. This software engine is a key element of Windows Server 2003 that improves reliability and helps ensure a safe computing environment. It reduces the number of bugs and security holes caused by common programming mistakes. As a result, there are fewer vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. The common language runtime also verifies that applications can run without error and checks for appropriate security permissions, making sure that code performs only appropriate operations.
  • Internet Information Services 6.0. To increase Web server security, Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 is configured for maximum security out of the box. IIS 6.0 and Windows Server 2003 provide the most dependable, productive, connected, and integrated Web server solution with fault tolerance, requesting queuing, application health monitoring, automatic application recycling, caching, and more. These are among the many new features in IIS 6.0 that enable you to conduct business securely on the Web.