shopping carts

Shopping cart implementations

sublime//ip can provide "shopping cart" integrations for your existing web site, or build e-commerce in as a fundamental part of your new web design.

In some cases it may be desirable to build a shopping cart system from scratch to meet your exact needs, but in most cases a very functional e-commerce web site can be constructed far more economically using existing code tweaked to meet your business requirements.

We prefer open source software and recommend a shopping cart called osCommerce. The software itself is free, and compatible with all our virtual and dedicated web hosting solutions.

If you have some technical skills you may be able to get up and running with osCommerce without any assistance from us, but if required we can provide a consulting service to help you implement osCommerce into your web site experience.

There are many different pre-written shopping cart programs available, so if you have a particular favourite or you'd rather shop around that's fine too. We do recommend choosing an open source product, and for our virtual hosting packages we strongly recommend a shopping cart written in PHP or Perl and using MySQL as the database for backend storage.

osCommerce features

osCommerce supports a wide range of standard features allowing very powerful online shops to be built with relative ease.

Some of the more interesting features include:

  • Web-based management interface to add new products, photos, edit descriptions etc
  • Good basic design that is easily customized to meet your specific requirements or tie in with your web design
  • Multilingual and multicurrency support for international customers
  • Detailed statistics on your products and customers
  • Supports either physical goods (shippable items) or virtual products such as downloadable PDF reports or software
  • End-users can manage their own accounts online such as updating shipping addresses and viewing order history
  • Shipping costs, exchange rates, sales taxes etc can be calculated automatically

More information and software downloads can be found on the osCommerce website.