We provide hosting and domain name management services in the Americas. For our American clients, we are pleased to be able to price our offerings in U.S. dollars, whether for U.S. services or those we deliver elsewhere.


sublime//ip first installed its own server hardware in San Francisco in 1999.

We continue to regard San Francisco as the optimum location for our U.S. hosting infrastructure. The San Francisco area and surrounds are the source of perhaps as much as a third of all Internet traffic and home to many of the best known Internet businesses. Bandwidth and connectivity options, facilities and staff in the area are all excellent.

Our US-based hosting services offer the fastest possible performance for our U.S. based clients and their end-users. In addition, our U.S. facilities offer additional redundancy and service range to our clients located elsewhere, as well as access to lower bandwidth costs for clients in high-price bandwidth regions such as Australia.

Our hosting services include:

  • Server colocation (telehousing) and dedicated servers available in San Francisco, CA, or New York City, NY, and other locations on request
  • Email services (POP3, webmail, forwarding)
  • Managed DNS (Domain Name Service) with instant DNS updates and servers on multiple continents for redundancy
  • Virtual web hosting

Domain Name Management

sublime//ip can of course register .com domains and other generic top level domains including .net, .org, .biz and .info. These domains, and in particular .com are typically the preferred choice for clients based in the Americas.

We are also able to provide registration of .us domain names so long as a suitable nexus (connection) to the U.S. exists, such as having a local presence, trade connection or being a U.S. citizen.

For multinational firms with their headquarters in the U.S.A. we can provide domain name management as required both within the U.S. and globally.

In addition to domains in the U.S., sublime//ip registers and maintains domains in Mexico, where no local presence is required to register a domain.

sublime//ip is also able to register domains in central and South America subject to meeting local requirements.

Services for US clients are billed in USD (United States Dollars), or can be billed in other currencies on request.