With our headquarters located in Australia, many of our services are provided to Australian clients.

Our Australian business is country-wide with services delivered from strategic locations to ensure fast, local access.

While our operations are generally managed from Sydney, we pride ourselves on being equally accessible to all our clients regardless of location. We make this possible through responsive email support, Australia-wide telephone and fax numbers and always being available when you need us, regardless of your location or timezone.


sublime//ip has provided hosting services in Australia since its inception in March 1995.

Our Australian hosting services include:

  • Server colocation (telehousing for everything from 1 RU up to full racks)
  • Dedicated servers
  • Email services (POP3, secure webmail, forwarding, IMAP, managed Microsoft Exchange)
  • Managed DNS (Domain Name Service)
  • Virtual web hosting

Domain Name Management

sublime//ip has been registering Australian domain names for clients for a very long time, pre-dating the formation of Melbourne IT, which took on a monopoly contract to manage from Robert Elz at Melbourne University.

The Australian domain name market was de-regulated in July 2002, and sublime//ip was the first non-testbed registrar accredited by the new industry regulator, auDA (the .au Domain Authority).

sublime//ip's GoDomains service provides domain name registration for Australian domain names. Additionally, we hold a number of registrar accreditations overseas and have registered domains in more than 70 countries for our clients.

Local Dialup Internet Access

Our ISP brand, DIALix, was Australia's first commercial Internet Service Provider and was founded in 1989 by Jeff Johnson in his garage in Woolands, Western Australia.

From humble beginnings, DIALix went on to have its own network spanning all the mainland capital cities. On 1 January 2000, DIALix was acquired by Sublime IP Pty Ltd. DIALix's dialup coverage became truly national and since 2002 we have offered the convience of a single, local-call dialup access number from anywhere in Australia.

Broadband Internet Access

We can provide broadband ADSL Internet access from nearly all metropolitan areas in Australia. Our ADSL service is powered by a technically excellent national network. On top of this, we provide friendly, accessible and personalised service. We can also integrate our broadband prodcuts seamlessly with our other products, so for example it is easy to use your own domain name for your web site and email addresses.

sublime//ip is also able to offer wireless mobile broadband services powered by the iBurst network offered by Personal Broadband Australia. This services is available in Sydney as well as Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.