corporate solutions

As a large corporation you will already have a well established Internet prescence, perhaps in all the major markets throughout the world. The Sublime IP network not only covers major commercial locations but also smaller and emerging markets where a local prescence could make all the difference. Our company aims to provide local solutions appropriate to your needs across the world's markets.

Enterprise solutions

At Sublime IP we can offer solutions to all your internet and intellectual property needs whether that be in your home country or across the globe.

Our friendly yet professional approach allows us to tailor services to meet your specific needs, adapting our wide range of services to suit the particular circumstances and challenges facing your business.

We offer larger businesses dedicated account management, local contact in most countries, flexible billing and payments. Perhaps most of all you can benefit from our responsive, open-minded approach allowing us to quickly respond to your requirements.

In a majority of our locations we can offer:

  • Global domain name registration, domain portfolio management and global DNS infrastructure planning and management
  • Global or localised web hosting services
  • Managed email services including mail filtering, audit and data retention services
  • Co-location, data center and dedicated server solutions throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa and beyond
  • Managed VPN and network security consulting between branch offices, end-users, suppliers, etc
  • Managed telephony services (GSM, 3G, ADSL, IP, PSTN, ISDN, VoIP etc) in most countries of the world
  • Trademark registration and intellectual property services
  • Professional design services such as logo refinements and modernisations, or services for re-branding or new brand lines